Cyber security trends that will prevail in 2021

In 2021, we have increased challenges and worries to face. With many nations battling another wave of coronavirus infection, the global economy is further moving towards recession. Businesses and enterprises are going bankrupt while industries are struggling to recover from losses. On top of it, now more enterprises and government agencies are under the radar of cybercriminals. Now more than ever, it’s become essential for federal agencies to invest in a robust government IT infrastructure.

There is no domain in the business where technology has not left its mark. With the advancements in technology like machine learning, AI, and the Internet of Things, businesses and organizations have become more reliant on technologies to sustain themselves. Now, for a business’s success, software, cloud storage, hardware, IT infrastructures have become as crucial as marketing strategies. While technology is undoubtedly giving businesses a boost, it has made them vulnerable to cyber threats and cybercrimes.

This blog has covered some cybersecurity trends that will shape the year 2021 for business and DoD contractors.


In 2021 and beyond, the cyber threat landscape is going to evolve far and beyond. Businesses and contractors are adopting new cybersecurity standards for better protection from cyber threats. However, hackers and cybercriminals have evolved in ways and tactics to exploit vulnerable businesses and contractors. Besides this, various cyber-crime organizations are offering hacking services to their clients. Some cybercriminals also sell exploit kits to amateur hackers. Ransomware attacks are easy to monetize; thus, we may see a surge in such incidents in 2021.


All business data is under threat by someone working inside the organization. Technology has become complex and so advanced that an employee can unintentionally turn into a threat in today’s time. While it’s rare to encounter malicious workers plotting against the company, it’s not uncommon to hear of data security breach incidents due to negligent workers. The increase in the number of employees working remotely has made it further difficult to monitor each employee’s activities.

How to fight back Cyber Threats in 2021?

The best approach to tackling such a threat is having a risk management perspective of business operations. Evaluate and assess your cybersecurity measures and determine your current standing. Even without a help of an IT expert, you will be able to see any gaps, if any. If your business is under constant cyber-threats, you should shift your focus towards being CMMC cybersecurity compliant. Becoming compliant will not only help you safeguard your business network it will also enhance your chances of obtaining government contracts. 

Every part of a business has its own security requirements. Your security response must be interlocking or multilayered. Having a proactive approach to cybersecurity is essential as it will help you monitor the network and devise cybersecurity measures before a threat appears. When it comes to cybersecurity, your entire organization should be aware of the dangers and well prepared to prevent cybersecurity breaches.

It’s essential that you standardize work from home protocol to tackle any security breach inside. Ensure that you deploy technology to keep the data within the reach of your remote employees safe from breaches.