How to patent your unique mobile app idea

Do you have a whole exclusive idea of a mobile app, and you are afraid of someone stealing your idea and applying it before you? Luckily, laws such as intellectual property law, specifically trademark, patent, and copyright laws, protect mobile application ideas. Several startup owners and entrepreneurs patent their application ideas to keep others from making, using or selling them. A unique idea requires being patented to safeguard it from the thieves in the market as they might steal the idea. As discussed with some excellent app developers in Virginia, to patent an app idea, your idea needs to be exclusive and new; otherwise, your efforts will go in vain. Patenting an idea will protect your mobile app ideas against non-consensual and/or illegal use. It considers you as the rightful owner of the app idea and prohibits other individuals and companies from selling or changing it.

The eligibility to qualify for a patent

  • It has to be an invention as patents are used for protecting/safeguarding inventions. Patents are provided to an invention that is explained as an answer to every issue. A mobile app idea, not being a physical thing, is categorized as an invention. Hence, the idea should fix issues like an invention.
  • The idea of your app needs to be unique and new. An idea does not qualify for a patent if it is not original, even if it fixes users’ issues. You cannot patent an idea if it already exists or launched on any public platform earlier. Get in touch with the companies that excel in app development Virginia Beach to know more about patent eligibility.
  • Your app needs to be qualified as applicable and needs to perform, theoretically at least. Being useful does not restrict app ideas related to entertainment or anything similar. Make a detailed and descriptive report on how your applications perform to get it patented.

Steps to follow to get your mobile app idea patented

  1. Discover a patent lawyer and register: You need an experienced patent lawyer who deals with software patenting to consult. A lawyer will help you in maximizing the chances of your patent getting chosen. Getting a patent is a legal process and may require litigation. Therefore, ensure that you employ a professional. Pick the best attorney that fits your requirements and budget.
  2. Disclose your app invention: Having an innovative app idea is not all that you need. You need to bring your mobile app idea into reality so you can confirm that it is convenient. You are also required to document the entire process of app development as proof of your invention and present it to the court before issuing a patent.
  3. Exercise patent search: You will require a patent lawyer who searches globally for similar applications or apps with similar functionality or flow. By this, you can protect yourself from breaches from other organizations.
  4. File a provisional/non-provisional application: There are two types of patents that can be used as a patent application. Provisional applications can be filed without a formal claim. In contrast, specifications and total claim accompany non-provisional.
  5. Submit your patent application for a mobile app idea with all the required paperwork.